The Estacada School District faces a number of trends that are driving us into the future – population growth, fiscal challenges, and a changing world. Without a clear sense of direction, we run the risk of losing the things about our schools we love the most. That’s why the District worked with the City of Estacada and citizens in surrounding communities to sponsor Envision Estacada Schools 2030.

A Visioning Process for the Estacada School District

Envision Estacada Schools was a community visioning process designed to help the District position itself for the future – retaining the things we value most while considering what we needed to change going forward. This community conversation helped us identify clear, positive directions for the future and involved administrators, teachers, students, parents, local community leaders, businesses and other community groups in making them happen.

EES 2030 Timeline

Project Timeline

Envision Estacada Schools 2030 began in January with a community-wide survey; then in March, a Vision Summit was held focusing on creation of a vision for the District. In April and May the project developed a strategic plan to implement the vision. This plan informs and guides the decisions and actions of the District going forward – from “low hanging fruit” to more ambitious projects.

Project Teams

District Administration, staff, and the Project Consultant (Oregon-based NXT Consulting Group) led Envision Estacada Schools 2030. In late January a larger Vision Action Team (VAT), that included community members, was formed to guide development of the District’s vision and strategic plan.

Vision Focus Areas

Envision Estacada Schools 2030 addresses five broad themes or Focus Areas as shown in the above graphic.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up someplace else.”

~ Will Rogers