What is the Estacada School District?2018-12-18T14:10:23-08:00

The Estacada School District 108, located in the foothills for the Cascades, serves southeastern Clackamas County. The District is made up of two Elementary Schools, a Middle School, a High School, and a Charter School. It provides a small-town school environment for 1,700 public school students and approximately 1,100 students in the Summit Learning Center Charter School. The District’s service area covers an expansive geographic area of more than 750 square miles of Oregon countryside in the Clackamas River basin and includes considerable portions of the Mt. Hood National Forest.

What is Envision Estacada Schools 20302018-12-18T14:10:56-08:00

Envision Estacada Schools 2030 is a “visioning” and planning process. It is designed to help the District better position itself for a rapidly changing future, assuring a superb education for its students and preserving the things resident’s value most while considering other things that may need to evolve going forward.

How can I participate in the Envision process?2019-02-28T14:47:57-08:00

There are many ways to participate in the Envision process, including online surveys and a vision summit event in March.

Who is sponsoring the Envision project?2018-12-18T14:12:01-08:00

The Envision project is sponsored by the Estacada School District, in partnership with the City of Estacada.

Who is funding the Envision project?2018-12-18T14:13:04-08:00

The Envision project is funded by the Estacada School District.

Are any other organizations supporting the Envision project?2018-12-18T14:13:26-08:00

Yes, a number of local organizations are supporting the project through in-kind contributions, volunteer time, use of their facilities, or assisting with visioning events and activities. We expect this list to grow as the project takes off.

What is visioning?2018-12-18T14:13:44-08:00

Visioning is a planning process through which the people of an organization or community create a shared vision for their future and a plan to make it happen. Visioning differs from traditional kinds of planning in that it takes a longer-term view – 5, 10, 15 or more years into the future, and it actively involves citizens in the process. Visioning also supplements ongoing planning by creating a clearer understanding of an organization’s hopes for the future.

What are the outcomes of a visioning project?2018-12-18T14:13:59-08:00

A visioning project typically results in a long- term vision statement (where the organization would like to be at some point in the future) and a near-term plan of action (how it intends to get there). There can be other outcomes of visioning that are less obvious but very important, such as greater community ownership, collaboration and partnerships for specific projects and activities. Visioning also provides a very proactive way for participants to express their ideas for the future.

Does the Envision project have pre-determined notions about what the vision will be?2018-12-18T14:14:17-08:00

The visioning process does not have a fixed expectation of what the organization’s final vision or plan will be. But it does have Guiding Principles for how the process should be undertaken, including that it be open, inclusive, transparent, objective, and collaborative. We are encouraging participants to share creative ideas, too.

How long will the Envision process run?2018-12-18T14:42:46-08:00

The Envision project will seek input and discussion through the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Most of the activities will run through July, when a District Vision Action Team (VAT) works to craft the strategic plan. Watch our website for upcoming announcements on the VAT.

Will the strategic plan be only for the District?2018-12-18T14:38:04-08:00

Not quite. The vision strategic plan that results from the Envision project is considered a “community-based” plan. While we expect much of the plan to be focused on District actions, it may include potential activities for Clackamas County, the City of Estacada, parent and teacher’s organizations, and others.

What if I like our schools just the way they are – and don’t want anything to change?2018-12-18T14:15:26-08:00

We think most residents will find something about the School District they would like to change or make better. However, even if your vision is that nothing about the District changes, you can probably rest assured that change will happen. The best way to maintain – or achieve – the schools you want is to get involved in their future. That’s why Envision Estacada Schools 2030 is intended for everyone. Please join us on this journey!


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